Private/Group Lessons—Testimonials

An experienced ballroom dance coach, Glenn leverages his extensive professional expertise to coach students in all styles of ballroom dance. Glenn takes the time to understand his students’ learning styles and dance needs and then customizes each lesson so that their dance knowledge, confidence, and technique continuously improves with each session.

“After just 12 weeks of training with Glenn, I competed and won a top title at a national DanceSport competition. Glenn’s outstanding coaching, patience, and passion to help me perform at my best enabled this significant accomplishment. I’m grateful for his dedication to helping me become a competitive ballroom dancer, which has positively impacted my life. ”
–  Jennifer N.

“Dancing with Glenn at Dance Elite gives me great joy. We do eighteen different dances together. Dancing is sublime for the mind and the heart, and with every step Glenn teaches me to reach new levels. Every lesson is a new challenge and his professionalism and energy is constant.”
– Margaret R.

“Excellent! Lots of great people who want to either learn to dance or become better!!”
– Bill T.

“I really enjoyed my first time out with Glenn and Blair. It was amazing all of the dancers were graceful and very welcoming. I will look to the next time out with this group. Really a lot of fun! If you are looking for good people and good clean fun while learning to dance this is it. ”
– Tyiese D.

“I’ve been going to Glenn’s Friday night parties for a few years and he is the best teacher from which to learn, meet new people! Always 80-100+ dancers every week! Super friendly, beginners welcome! ”
– Ballroom B.

“Glenn Clark is a wonderful teacher. He is very patient and awesome in every style of dance. His ability to teach one on one privately or in a group is fun and easy. He is good with any age, any level and any ethnic background. His professional manner is unbelievably easy to understand and comfortable for any person learning to dance.
Taking private lessons gives you an ability to dance in a short amount of time. Whether a social beginner or a full competitive student. Glenn can enhance your dancing to a new level”
– Olga Nevill, student-3 years

Wedding Lessons—Testimonials

“Great dance instructor and get guy to work with— The groom and I went to Glenn for dance lessons for our first dance as a married couple. I know nothing about dancing and am in general uncoordinated but Glenn was able to work through it. Our first dance was very romantic and went perfect thanks to all the practice and instruction by Glenn. I wasn’t even that nervous before the dance because I knew we had practiced it so much.
I highly recommend him to anyone in the area getting married. He is very flexible with times of lessons, after all every bride is quite busy. Good luck and happy dancing!”
– Amy C.

“Glenn was a wonderful teacher. My husband and I were well prepared for the big day.”
– Heather I.

“We loved Glenn! Such a great instructor! He made dance lessons fun & easy for my husband and I. We were prepared for our First Dance thanks to Glenn. He was a pleasure to work with and the lessons were very enjoyable!”
– Kathleen G.

“We hired Glenn as a surprise for our wedding party at the rehearsal dinner. The shocked faces never stop him for one minute! Glenn came in and took charge. Within an hour each of the bridal party couples had a clear idea of how to dance on the big day! He created a fun yet focused lesson and everyone had a great time!”
– Anonymous

“Great teacher—We loved Glenn! We have never danced before and we weren’t nervous at all and had a wonderful time dancing thanks to him. Call him ASAP!”
– Lauren S.