Join us for during for a Group Class or Event!

Group Classes

Every Monday

10AM – Matinee; $12/person; 1 hour of group lesson; 1 hour of practice; no partner needed; same dance for 4 Mondays (work on good fundamental basics)

Every Tuesday

10AM – Matinee; $12/person; seniors welcome; no partner needed; 1 hour of practice; 1 hour of group lesson; same dance for 4 Tuesdays (work on good fundamental basics)

Every Friday

4 week duration, then we start over with another dance. Glenn Clark takes requests and does all the DJ with the best music in town open to the public come and make some friends no partner needed.
8PM – group lesson; 1 hour; $12/person;
9PM-11PM open dancing; refreshments and finger foods; all Latin, swing, ethic, all the dances; $12/person; no partner needed

Every Saturday

*11AM – technique workshops/group class; intermediate/advanced students; rhythm/latin;
12PM – smooth technique/group class/workshop; intermediate/advanced
*$15/per lesson / $30 to do both